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Building sustainable transport solutions to reduce the cost of travelling and increase community engagement.

TangoRide (realtime carpool) app aims to benefit both drivers and passengers to reduce the time and cost of travel. By safely and conveniently enabling people to share journeys together, we aim to reduce traffic and transportation problems in the UK.

With us, you can also get the latest transport news, updates, travel stories, traffic problems and more.

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How TangoRide Works

We're not going to give away our secrets or bore you with a complicated user manual, but we thought you'd like to see a few simple steps to understand the basics of how the TangoRide app works.

  • Download the app and register as a driver, passenger or both.

  • Enter a destination and TangoRide will match drivers and passengers based on the selected journey criteria.

  • TangoRide will then handle payments and deposits at the time of booking without fuss, so you can be on your way.

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Why TangoRide?

There are many great reasons to give TangoRide a try when looking at alternative transportation solutions and looking for a way to help reduce traffic problems in the UK.

We’ve highlighted a few which we feel make us stand out from the crowd, such as realtime, one-stop solution, security, affordability, convenience and flexibility.

  • Single App

  • Radius Selection

  • Affordable

  • Real Time Matching

  • Security


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App Screenshots

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