Why TangoRide?

There are many great reasons to give TangoRide a try when looking at alternative transportation solutions.

We’ve highlighted a few which we feel make us stand out from the crowd, such as a one-stop solution, security, affordability, convenience and flexibility.



Whether you’re a passenger, driver or you switch between the two, you can access all of our services from a single app.

Switching between the two is easy and at the flick of a simple toggle switch.


For the protection of all our users, we take security and privacy very seriously.

When you sign up and first use the app, we use verification technology to make sure you are who you say you are. If you’re a driver, we’ll also check that you have a valid driver’s licence and take down the details of your vehicle, including photographs.

All information is stored securely and GDPR compliant, plus we have strict terms in place which govern the use of our app.



We provide functionality which allows the driver to increase their availability by selecting a pickup and drop off radius which lies along their indicated route. This means increased accessibility for passengers - and vice versa.

Greater flexibility means more convenience for all and allows us to build a community of trusted passengers and drivers alike.


Unlike a private hire, taxi or any form of public transport, we don’t generate an income for any driver. We simply allow them to offset the cost of their journey by connecting them with passengers who are heading in a similar direction.

We only charge a small admin fee at the time of booking, but even with this fee in place, both parties still get a significantly cheaper journey. Everyone’s a winner!



Our app can match both passengers and drivers in realtime.

This means that at any given time, users of the app can offer and request a ride with people heading to similar destinations and know how far they are from each other.

Of course, users can also plan a journey in advance as well, which is handy if you’re planning on heading to a festival, sport event or other activity which occurs in the future.

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